Namibia Rangeland Management Policy and Strategy (NRMPS)April 2015 - of
OPTIMASSAug 2014 - Jan 2018Broshure
Neusommerau 2014 - 2015Click here
Government intervention in bush clearing  2011
The effect of bush encroachment on groundwater resources in Namibia 2010Click here
Emerging Commercial Farmers Support Program (ECFSP) May 2007 - October 20091. Farming Finances
2. Labour Management
3. Large Stock
4. Small Stock
5. Animal Health
6. Mechanics
7. Rangeland
8. Crop Production
GIZ debushing - Manual
GIZ debushing - Booklet
GIZ debushing - Harvesting Guide
The elephants of NW Namibia – Finnish funded 2009Click here
CbendApril 2008 - 2015Click here
Hoodia October 2007 - 2010
LPF mentorship program2005 - 2015
The NAU and land reform 2005Available at the NAU office to purchase
Bush Encoachment in Namibia - JN de Klerk2004Click here
The principles of land and procedures required by law which govern the expropriation of agricultural land for resettlement purposes in Namibia  2004 Available at the NAU office to purchase
A framework for sustainable land use and land reform in Namibia2003Available at the NAU office to purchase