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  • Karasburg RAU Winter School
  • Pig Producers get together
  • Groundnuts Members’ Meeting and Farmer’s Day

Karasburg RAU Winter School
The annual Karasburg Regional Agricultural Union Winter School was held on 8 August at the Grunau FA hall under the theme “Bring back the Hope”. It has been attended by approximately 90 people, most of them from the South. In his message the president of the NAU, Mr Ryno van der Merwe mentioned that he is surprised about the hope and optimism which he experiences everywhere, in spite of the difficult drought conditions. He also inter alia mentioned that the Dare to Care Drought Fund which subsidises certain feed, is a piece of hope which the NAU sells. The chairman of the Grunau FA, Mr Kobus van der Merwe said that in Grunau they do not ask what the NAU does as they realise what have been done already.

The South Africans, Burre Burger and former Bok-coach Pieter de Villiers, were also speakers and they also made a donation of 500 bags yellow maize and N$25 000 to the Grunau FA and KaapAgri Grunau have topped it with a discount of N$1/litre for the transport of maize.

In the afternoon FA teams participated in darts, snooker and jukskei and the day was concluded with a Steak braai.

The NAU would like to congratulate Grunau FA with the hosting a successful Karasburg Winter School.

Pig Producers get together
The annual general meeting of the Pig Producers Association (PPA) took place this week in Windhoek under the chairmanship of mr Gideon Goosen. Existing and new producers as well as other role players in the industry provided a good turnout. The Association is actively recruiting new members to boost the industry.

Production costs of a pig farm in Namibia are quite high and therefore it is not possible for Namibian products to compete on the shelves with imported products. In an effort to protect the industry, the Pork Promotion Scheme was announced in October 2012 and is administered by the Meat Board of Namibia. This means that suppliers in Namibia must first purchase a certain number of local pork before importing. Due to seasonal market trends, the scheme is managed with a 1: 2 import quota between February and September and 1: 3 from October to January. Anyone who participates in the scheme must be registered with the Meat Board with a producer number and is subject to all the terms and conditions of the scheme. There are certain products that are subject to the scheme, but processed products are not part of the scheme. The reason is because the pig industry in Namibia is quite small and a shortage in the market must be prevented on certain products. Mr Desmond Cloete, chief marketing officer of the Meat Board, strongly encouraged producers to register.

A major challenge is the absence of an abattoir that is centrally located in Namibia and which has export accreditation. Current statistics show that 55% of pork consumption is produced locally. However, it is a concern that no new commercial producers have entered the market in the last few years.

The Members’ Meeting was followed by a briefing and Mr Rickus Stone of Wisium as well as Dr Nadia de Beer, a C4 veterinarian, shared very thorough information on the feeding of gilts, animal disease control and biosecurity as well as the general management of a pig farm.

The PPA would like to invite any new producers, even though their business’ are very small, to contact the secretariat of the PPA at the NAU office to become a member of the Association in order to receive the necessary assistance and support.

Groundnuts Members’ Meeting and Farmer’s Day
The Groundnut Association of Namibia will hold a member meeting on Thursday 29 August 2019 at 08:30 at Pondokki outside Grootfontein. Apart from the normal internal affairs on the agenda, Mr Wessel Higgs and Mrs Loureine Muller from Triotrade will discuss the 2019/2020 season and forecast as well as 2020 seed cultivars.

Furthermore, a farmer’s day is also scheduled which starts at 12:30. An excellent program with interesting speakers is scheduled for the day. Charl Baard talks about feed sorghums and cover crops, Gernot Eggert comes to share his practical experiences of how to survive in 2019, Jakkie Oosthuizen talks about perennial grass with quality and tonnes, Klaas Malan shares the secret of how to make fodder with 200mm, Gerhard Olivier from Geofarm introduces satellite monitoring for crop condition and health and lastly, Olaff Bergh of Agra will talk about stock and technical assistance to farmers.

The day promises to be packed and interesting! Contact Dawie Kok to sign up or 081-261-6173.

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