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Land information for National Statistics Agency (NSA)
The NSA as independent distributor of national statistics has approached the NAU to give summary information with regard to land ownership which will be part of an information pamphlet for the Second National Land Conference. The NAU supports the distribution of correct information in order to lessen the emotion of the land debate.


Feedback with regard to land map data base
The office of the NAU is busy to verify the land map data base and has progressed substantially and want to finish it by next week. We thank all FA’s who have sent their information and would like to request those who have not yet sent the information, to do so as soon as possible. It is again emphasized that the NAU’s information is of importance and in high demand by other role players and organisations with correct facts in preparation of the land conference. The data is not only to determine the ownership in the different regions, but has been expanded to look at ownership according to agro-ecological-zones (AEZ) and carrying capacity. This data also enables us to attend the conference with facts and not emotions.


Retirement planning for farm workers
Retirement planning for farm workers is just as important as for our farmers. As numerous farm workers did not or only partially attended school and thus are unable to plan self, we recommend that farmers talk to their workers and assist them with the planning of their retirement. Workers from communal areas most probably have a home where they can relocate after retirement. If it was agreed that a worker can stay on the farm as pensioner, it is important to enter into a written agreement which clearly stipulates the conditions of residence such as the amount of people staying with the pensioner, what animals may be kept, arrangements for visitors, etc. Of importance is what happens if the pensioner dies. We had cases where children of the deceased father or mother came to claim the “land, house or animals”. An alternative is to assist the worker to get a plot in a town or settlement of their choice if they do not yet have such a plot. This then offers them a property to stay after retirement. A savings plan for the workers from young age can also assist with retirement.

The retirement age should be included in the service agreement. As this lacks on many farms, workers continue working until they are too weak to carry on. A proposed retirement age for farm workers who do physical work, is 60 years which is also the Government’s pension age as well as the SSC retirement advantage. Workers, who are still healthy enough to carry on working and want to continue, can be employed on a yearly contract basis.


Women’s Day
The Women’s Day during the NAU Congress will be held on October 11 at 07:30 at De Kayak, Tennis Str, Olympia, Windhoek. It is offered by the Gobabis Regional Agricultural Union and the theme is “Stand tall, Wear a Crown, Be Sweet on the Inside” and speakers are Sanet Vermeulen, Annelise Genis and Antoinette de Chavonnes-Vrugt. Registration is N$80 per person and please register before October 3 with Janie Jooste, Tel 081 3719252,

Disclaimer: Although everything has been done to ensure the accuracy of information, the NAU takes no responsibility for actions or losses that might occur due to the usage of this information.