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Second National Land Conference
This conference will be held from October 1 – 5 in Windhoek. Currently there are 753 delegates who will attend the conference. The NAU has also been invited and the president, Mr Ryno van der Merwe will give the NAU’s viewpoint during the openings day.


NAU land data base available
With the assistance of FA’s who have verified information, the NAU office was able to finalise the latest land database. A media release will be issued next week in this regard. It is important for the NAU that members get the information first. Click here to download the submission.


NAU president talks about land
Following reports in various local newspapers that white farmers do not want to talk about land, the president of the NAU gave his view in the Republikein of September 19, 2018. Click here to read the full report.


Land tax not payable
The NAU still receives numerous enquiries about the payment of land tax. The court verdict of February 21, 2018 forbids the Ministry of Land Reform to impose land tax until the revision application has been heard in Court. The revision application will be heard in Court on February 19, 2019.


Dairy industry received by State House
At the invitation of State house, a delegation of the dairy industry was received by Mrs. Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi and her team of advisors to the President of Namibia’. The dairy industry delegation consisted of representatives of Namibia Dairies, the Dairy Producers Association (DPA) and the Agricultural Trade Forum (ATF).

The purpose of the meeting was for the advisory team to listen to problems and possible solutions in the dairy industry. As the dairy industry is seen as a strategic sector within the Namibian economy, the advisors have shown great understanding of the situation and pledged their support to the industry. All indications are that the amended draft legislation, which will regulate the import of dairy products, will serve before the Cabinet Committee for Legislation within the next week.

Following the recent rise in feed prices and fuel prices as well as the decrease in producer milk prices, the situation in the dairy industry has worsened. Dairy producers started to decrease their milking herds, saying that if the situation did not improve by December, they would completely cease milking.


Registration fees for NAU and LPO Congresses as well as Outlook Conference
We would like to make members attend that they can pay the registration fees for the NAU and LPO Congresses as well as the Agri Outlook Conference electronically before the time. The bank details are as follows: Bank Windhoek, Windhoek Branch, Branch code 481 972, a/c no 1028 539 401. The registration fee for the LPO Congress is N$700, for the NAU Congress N$850 and for the Outlook Conference N$650.

Disclaimer: Although everything has been done to ensure the accuracy of information, the NAU takes no responsibility for actions or losses that might occur due to the usage of this information.