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National Land Conference at hand
The NAU is represented on a committee under chairmanship of the Prime Minister which is responsible for the arrangements of the Second National Land Conference which will take place from October 1 – 5. The final arrangements are currently finalised with an estimated 700 persons who will be invited by the Ministry of Land Reform. It is clear that senior Government leaders accept accountability for a successful and structured conference.


Rumours that weaner exports will be limited in the near future – not true
Rumours are spreading at the moment that exporting of weaners will soon be limited. As a result, potential sellers are encouraged to sell their weaners at reduced prices (N$ 26.00/kg), with a further motivation that if exports are entirely stopped, prices will be even lower.

The above rumours are not true. At the moment there is no plan or proposal on the table yet, no discussions have taken place in the industry. Proper consultation must take place before it can be implemented legally, which will also take some time.

According to the article in the previous newsletter of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), the Livestock Producers’ Organization (LPO) once again confirms that actions are underway to draw up a negotiating document, in which it is very clear that the LPO will not support any restrictions at the expense of the producer. Producers can rest assured that, if any restrictions are imposed, it will be communicated properly.


Amos Meerkat schools for the children of farm workers
The Amos Meerkat School project which trains pre-school children in rural areas, started a few years ago with 40 teachers and has grown to 243 trained teachers who teach approximately 5 000 children annually. Participation by farms however is poor and currently there are only 3 active farm schools. FA’s and farmers are encouraged to seriously consider this pre-school farm schools for the children of their farm workers as this is a way to get the future generation of farm workers out of poverty. If you have one pre-school child on the farm and one mother who can read and write, you can start a Meerkat school. The training material is free of charge. The closure date for the training in November is September 30, 2108. For further information contact the Meerkat School management at Tel 081 1507700, 061 254655 or mail to

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