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Meeting with agricultural partners
The NAU currently holds talks with the managements of various agricultural partners about what is needed to let agriculture grow. The NAU’s point of view is that core aspects which will lead to investments by producers, are policy surety in terms of land and property rights as well as local value addition and rural safety. Government was successful during the past 20 years to realise growth of net import industries such as vegetable, poultry, grain, etc. The big challenge however is to bring about growth in the export industries (such as cattle, sheep, charcoal, SWAKARA, trophy hunting, grapes, etc) which constitute 77% of the total agricultural income. Export industries will not grow if Government institutes export restrictions as is currently the case in the small stock industry.

The biggest growth opportunities which were identified in the agricultural sector are addressing bush encroachment which gives the opportunity to double beef production, the investment in the expansion of irrigation from perennial rivers on the southern and northern borders and the realising of further import substitution by nett import industries.

In contrast, the challenges are on how the mindset of land users which limit growth, can be changed to bring about a drastic impact on bush thinning. Furthermore the current economic policy has a negative impact on producer confidence and does not promote investments in agriculture.


Agri-inflation for June 2018
The Production Cost Index of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), which determines the price paid by producers for a basket of inputs used on the farm, indicates that the annual Agri-inflation rate is currently 2.40% in the 2nd quarter of 2018. The increase in Agri-inflation was caused by a 20.01% Y-o-Y increase in fuel prices. Fuel price is expected to have a further impact on Agri-inflation because of a 40 cent per litre increase in fuel introduced at the beginning of September 2018. The Namibian Dollar has also weakened against the US dollar, which is anticipated to increase prices of imported products, and thus also influence the Agri-inflation.

The agricultural sector is constantly required to improve productivity, through cost savings, improved fertility, rangeland management, etc. to maintain profit margins. During the past 13 years, cattle producers was required to improve its efficiency with 4.71%/annum to survive financially.


LPO and NAU Congresses
The LPO Congress will be held on October 9 at 08:00 and the NAU Congress on October 11, 2018 at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, Windhoek. The theme for both congresses is “Ignite growth in agriculture – the basis for job creation and value addition:. The official opening of the NAU Congress is on October 11 from 08:00 – 10:30 at a breakfast also at the Safari Hotel and the opening speaker is the MD of AgriBank, Mr Sakaria Nghikembua.


Agricultural Outlook Conference 2018
The Agricultural Outlook Conference, hosted by the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) every two years since 2012, will take place again on 10 October 2018 at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre in Windhoek. The main purpose of the conference is to create an opportunity for the agricultural sector in Namibia to discuss joint issues as well as to provide information to agricultural producers that can be expected in terms of the agricultural economy, prices and markets in the future.

The main topic addressed this year is to develop ideas to fuel growth in the agricultural sector. If the primary sector is not growing, no additional jobs can be created to benefit the rural economy. Thus, emphasis will be on identifying low pending fruit in the livestock, agriculture, wildlife and other sectors that will spur future growth. This year’s theme is therefore “IGNITE GROWTH IN AGRICULTURE – The basis for job creation and value addition”

The program begins with an opening of the Conference by the Honourable Minister Alpheus !Naruseb. Further on the program is Mr Junius Mungunda who will give a policy perspective of business aspects that affect the agricultural sector. A session will take place for commodities such as large stock, small stock, agronomy, wildlife and tourism with speakers who will briefly identify the key problems and what is needed to fire growth in these various commodities. This session is led by several local producers and experts such as Dr Joggie Briedenhan, Mr Pieter van Schalkwyk, Mr Michael Iyambo and Dr Chris Brown.

Dr Helmke von Bach will also talk about the different drivers behind profitability and Mr Arnold Klein closes the day with a glimpse in the future how farming will look about 15 to 20 years from now.

It is an open day for any producer (small, medium or large scale) and any agricultural product as well as other role players in the agricultural sector. For any inquiries or to RSVP, Rina Hough can be contacted at the NAU office – 061-237838 or

The cost for the day is N$ 650 and includes a full day’s refreshments and lunch.


SWAKARA Industry Forum holds Annual General Meeting
The SWAKARA Industry Forum is holding their Annual General Meeting on September 25 at 08:00 at the Hotel Schützenhaus, Keetmanshoop. At 18:00 a gala dinner will be held during which the Golden Lamb and other awards are made. The costs for the gala dinner are N$150 per person and please register with Jenny, Tel 061 237750,, Jaco, Tel 061 2909301, or Diolene, Tel 063 223321,


Bio-mass Technology Demonstration Day
Namibia Biomass Industry Group is hosting a bio-mass demonstration day on October 20 from 09:00 – 17:00 at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, 40km east of Otjiwarongo. Thirty different technologies, which include harvesting, processing, rangeland improvement and much more, will be introduced. Demonstrations will be given of firewood, charcoal and much more. Registration is N$100 per person and further details can be obtained from Tel 061 242949,


Channel 7
Today we again visit some interesting people. One of them is Johan Wessels who informs us about self-defence weapons and Jacolette Kloppers who takes us through the pages of Landbou Weekblad. Basie Oosthuizen and Stefan Saayman talk about two-way radios and Tanja Dahl of Napha visits us again and talks about hunting and social media platforms. Paul Kirsten will inform us today about feed for citrus and other fruit trees. Stefan Saayman of Channel 7 again talks to Alex McDonald about de-bushing and Alice Krenz who has Namibian colours in horse endurance rides talks about horse sport and the proper channels which must be followed to qualify for endurance rides.

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