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Charcoal management visits Honourable Minister Tjekero Tweya
On request of the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, NCA Board members and other role players visited him on August 23, 2018. The Government has identified charcoal production as one of the important export industries through which economic growth and employment creation can be brought about in Namibia. Currently Namibia is the 5th largest charcoal producer in the world. Even though they are grateful that the 13 Namibian charcoal processors which add value in Namibia by processing and packing locally, the Minister is of the opinion that too much charcoal is exported to SA in raw unprocessed form. He said that his Ministry will negotiate with the big buyers from SA to invest in Namibia by processing locally and then export directly from Namibia. The global demand for Namibian charcoal exceeds the offer and thus there is a big growing potential. Minister Tweya also referred to the necessity of de-bushing in general for the repair of our rangeland in order that growth can take place in the livestock and game sectors.


Agricultural Outlook Conference 2018
The Agricultural Outlook Conference, hosted by the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) every two years since 2012, will take place again on 10 October 2018 at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre in Windhoek. The main purpose of the conference is to create an opportunity for the agricultural sector in Namibia to discuss joint issues as well as to provide information to agricultural producers that can be expected in terms of the agricultural economy, prices and markets in the future.

The main topic addressed this year is to develop ideas to fuel growth in the agricultural sector. If the primary sector is not growing, no additional jobs can be created to benefit the rural economy. Thus, emphasis will be on identifying low pending fruit in the livestock, agriculture, wildlife and other sectors that will spur future growth. This year’s theme is therefore “IGNITE GROWTH IN AGRICULTURE – The basis for job creation and value addition”

The program begins with an opening of the Conference by the Honourable Minister Alpheus !Naruseb. Further on the program is Mr Junius Mungunda who will give a policy perspective of business aspects that affect the agricultural sector. A session will take place for commodities such as large stock, small stock, agronomy, wildlife and tourism with speakers who will briefly identify the key problems and what is needed to fire growth in these various commodities. This session is led by several local producers and experts such as Dr Joggie Briedenhan, Mr Pieter van Schalkwyk, Mr Michael Iyambo and Dr Chris Brown.

Dr Helmke von Bach will also talk about the different drivers behind profitability and Mr Arnold Klein closes the day with a glimpse in the future how farming will look about 15 to 20 years from now.

It is an open day for any producer (small, medium or large scale) and any agricultural product as well as other role players in the agricultural sector. For any inquiries or to RSVP, Rina Hough can be contacted at the NAU office – 061-237838 or

The cost for the day is N$ 650 and includes a full day’s refreshments and lunch.


Channel 7
A quick look to see what we can expect from Landbou Journal on August 25, 2018. As usual Nelia Richter will inform us what we can read this week in the Landbou Weekblad. Piet Schrader informs us about weaner prices and what we can expect in near future. As usual Stefan Saayman of Channel 7 talks to Alex McDonald about de-bushing and De Wet Mouton tell us more about the Afrikaner breed. Tanja Dahl of NAPHA talks to us and Dirk Nesebered informs us which hunting rifles are ideally suited for the North of our country. Streicher Coetzee of Namibia Genetics Auctions talks about the G8 Bonsmara auction and Basie Oosthuizen gives information about the latest developments with regard to two-way radios. Anthea Janse van Rensburg gives information about the Women’s Day at Blumfelde.


Groundnut Association holds member meeting and information day
The Groundnut Association is hosting their member meeting and information day on August 30 at 09:30 at Roys Rest Camp outside Grootfontein, 60km on the Rundu road. Speakers are inter alia Wessel Higgs and J J Cloete of Soygrow. For further details contact Dawie Kok, Tel 081 2616173,

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